DIB Management, established in 1987, built a track record of success by undertaking private work and public bid construction projects that ranged from industrial and residential buildings to water treatment plants, pumping stations and airports facilities.

DIB Management and its subsidiaries have focused primarily on construction, environmental remediation and engineering. The company has solidified its position as one of the local premier construction companies and has evolved into a highly focused real estate development firm by embarking on acquisitions that focused on development and value added real estate opportunities.

In addition to leveraging, DIB Management relies on its superb in-house construction and environmental capabilities to create a competitive advantage and utilizes its long-standing relationships with sellers, brokers and financial institutions to generate value.

The Company offers investors a management team with a proven track record of creating values in all phases of the real estate market cycle.

As DIB Management grew, the firm vertically integrated into Assets Management, Property Management, Brokerage and Consulting Services.