ROLAND DIB, Chairman
Mr. Dib brings extensive, superior level management and corporate organization to his current function as President of Dib Management Co., Inc. Coming from Dibco Environmental Safety Corp. where he spent five years establishing a thriving, multi-million dollar business, Mr. Dib coordinated and completed hundreds of asbestos abatement projects, administering advanced strategies for effective and safe environmental clean up. He has been serving as President of Aqua-X Conservation, Inc. from 1991 to present. He has to his credit two degrees: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from New York Institute of Technology, and an MBA from Columbia University.
ROGER DIB, President, US Division
Mr. Dib's extensive knowledge of the construction industry adds strength and scope to Dib Management Co., Inc. His career path includes seven years in turn key commercial and residential developments. He served Saulex Co. and Dibco Environmental Safety Corp. as President and owner. Mr. Dib presently serves as Secretary/Treasurer of Aqua-X Conservation Inc., a position he has been holding since 1991. At Aqua-X, his project management skills have contributed to the company's profitability throughout the years and will continue to ensure its future successes. Mr. Dib holds two degrees: a B.S. from New York Institute of Technology, and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Polytechnic Institute.
Mrs. Luckert has to her credit a B. S. degree in Accounting from Brooklyn College. She also received certification as a Certified Public Accountant in August 2003. She has enriched Dib Management Co., Inc. with her excellent supervisory and management skills that she acquired during her employment tenure at Ridgewood Bank, Brooklyn. At Aqua-X Conservation Inc. where she has been the Office Manager/Controller since June 1991, she is responsible for the administrative functions of the office's operations and has overall responsibility for the support staff, collection and disbursement of funds and contract relations.